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FREE Bookkeeping Template for MS Excel, Star Office and Open OfficeFREE Bookkeeping Template for MS Excel, Star Office and Open OfficeA simple accounting and easy to use Bookkeeping (Synoptic Journal) Template that works with your spreadsheet program. Available in many file types - xls (default), ods, sxc, sdc, dif, xml, html, pdf. Just complete the order form information so we can send you future Small Business Tips and this FREE Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Template.
Simple Bank Register Template for MS Excel, Star Office and Open OfficeSimple Bank Register Template for MS Excel, Star Office and Open OfficeA simple spreadsheet template for tracking your Business and Personal Banking. Includes Bank Account Register, Monthly Reconciliation, and Creating and Tracking Your Budget.

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Search Engine Optimization is Key to Your Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is Key to Your Internet Marketing

Effective Results Through Proven Application

With 11 plus years in Marketing, Internet Marketing and Effective Internet Deployment, Communicate Innovate's professional organization is efficacious in delivering marketing strategies across your organization. These effective Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies result from applied experiences and successful deployment of  mutiple eCommerce Businesses. 

For Professional Analysis of your Internet and Web Requirements and a FREE no-obligation quote please:

Contact me directly by Email: Carl Chesal - Communicate Innovate (a Division of Bizfare Enterprise Inc)
or by Phone: 647-477-2508


Your Website has 2 Customers - Buyers & Search Engines

Your Website has 2 Customers - Buyers & Search Engines

After you create a beautiful website, then what?

How do you get people to find your online store?

Getting traffic, getting visitors to your website requires a deliberate Internet Marketing or eMarketing Strategy.

The two key elements of Internet Marketing is your website's:

  1. PR - Popularity Ranking or Page Ranking with key search engines like Google and
  2. SEO - Search Engine Optimization, which ensures you are indexed by search engines based on selected keywords and keyword phases.


Internet Marketing, similar to a channel strategy, is a matter of getting referrals from other websites.

Search Engines, Directories and other online Websites become your 'virtual channel partners', helping to direct potential customer traffic to your website. This popularity, through links from other websites, coupled with a keyword strategy is the cornerstone for getting and increasing customer traffic to your website.

At Communciate Innovate we apply to your website an effective Internet Marketing strategy wihich includes SEO, Links, Keywords, Campaigns and also a healthy dose of good old product merchandising. Like any business, getting more instore visitors, getting more instore visitors to buy and increasing your average order size are all aspects of both online as well as off-line (mortar and bricks) businesses.

At Communicate Innovate, we understand and have direct experience in both on-line and well as traditional business marketing. 

For this dynamic aspect of eMarketing, our CI Professionals will:

  • train your people
  • develop solid eMarketing strategies for your business
  • and work with you to implement these effective eMarketing strategies

    to improve your website conversions (sales and revenue).  


Move your website beyond just being a online brochure for your business...
make your website an effective revenue generating aspect of your business!

For your FREE Web Assessment, contact Carl directly by Email: Carl Chesal - Communicate Innovate (a Division of Bizfare Enterprise Inc)
or by Phone: 647-477-2508

Moving to Gmail SaaS - Cloud Computing (Google Mail)

Moving to Gmail SaaS - Cloud Computing (Google Mail)

Why would you consider replacing your current client-server based office application with Google Mail (Gmail)?

 SImple. You would enjoy the following benefits from Gmail: 

  • - Complete office mobility - via any browser, access to your email, documents, images, chat
  • - It's Free
  • - Access anywhere, anytime through any browser (truly an Office Utility)
  • - No backups required of email, office documents or contacts (reduced administration). Never lose another email
  • - Manage multiple user profiles and email accounts in one place
  • - It's Free
  • - Included Anti-Spam and Anti-virus checking away from your PC
  • - Unlimited file space
  • - Next to no administration for your organization's email system 
  • - Peace of Mind for any business owner

Move your email system to the FREEdom of a web based, completely mobile environment offered by Google Mail...
we can get you there quickly for as little as $500!

For your FREE Assessment, contact Carl directly by Email: Carl Chesal - Communicate Innovate (a Division of Bizfare Enterprise Inc)
or by Phone: 647-477-2508

Articles: Internet Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Articles: Internet Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Business Development and Internet Marketing Articles and Discussions Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing, SEO, Cloud Computing

9 Compelling Business Benefits of Gmail Cloud Computing For All Your Office Productivity Needs
Difficult these days to garnet any peace-of-mind when it comes to managing your office environment in a distributed fashion - on your PC, on your laptop and on your PDA. The constant threat from viruses, spam, spoofing, fishing and other security annoyances is stressful enough. But what happens when your mobile device is lost or stolen? What about all that data and emails on the unit? How do I protect it? How do I recreate it? Calm yourself and ease your mind with Office on Demand, as a Service. FREE!

Reality Internet Marketing: The skinny on Google PageRank, Google Directory and Google Indexing
Understanding the nuances of what Google, the grand-daddy of search engines, can do for your website's global notoriety (web traffic) can seem a daunting task. Let's decipher three of Google's key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements – 1) Google PageRank 2) Google Directory and 3) Google Indexing. At least it may become a little clearer.

Reality Internet Marketing: It Takes Time To Build Your Internet Business. Not Magic Stone Soup
The plethora of weekly calls received by Internet Marketing Companies, who claim their internet tool or service will vault you quickly into huge internet sales, reminds me of the fable “Magic Stone Soup”. Some business basics to consider for any business, whether mortar and brick or internet

Reality Internet Marketing: XML Sitemap in 4 Steps Ensures Page Indexing in Google Yahoo & MSN

Getting all your website pages indexed on the major search engine directories (Google, Yahoo and MSN) can be as easy as 1-2-3-4. It starts with Page Indexing in Google. This can be accomplished by creating and registering with Google an XML Sitemap File. You don't need to know XML coding because Google has provided FREE access to a site that automatically generates your website XML Sitemap file in proper Google XML format. Now you are just 3 steps away from completing your Website Page Indexing.


Reality Internet Marketing: Improve Your Average Order Size With Internet Merchandising 
Applying some of the mortar-and-brick merchandising basics to your online retail business may improve your average order size and deliver higher value to your customers.


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